Our supply chain is an extension to the Jenner team; trusted relations are ultimately essential.

“Jenner offer a refreshingly collaborative relationship with their sub-contractors. They maintain and demonstrate a friendly, family business ethos, even though they have grown to become a large successful building contractor”. Reina Group

Supply chain

We act as Principal Contractor on our schemes and have established a vast, trusted Supply Chain who we can approach to undertake the key trade works for us on site to ensure we achieve best value and exceptional quality. These members are well-known to us, endorse the same company values and ultimately adapt to meet our changing demands and needs. Wherever possible we engage with those most local to our projects.

On smaller scale projects, undertaken by our General Works department, we utilise the skills of our 30 directly employed skilled multi-trades people, to ensure we are competitive in our approach and the work is carried out to programme and the highest quality. We also have an in-house company, Park Farm Joinery, that frequently provides high quality joinery work to our projects and most recently established Park Farm Glazing, acting in the same manner.

Sub-contractors are managed on site by our full time site agent who is a directly employed member of the Jenner team. We develop plans for formal inspections of work at key milestones on the project at agreed times. The inspections allow us to ensure that work being completed is reaching the required levels of quality. Work is compared to samples or benchmarked against a sample area/room. Works are not allowed to continue until inspections are complete and signed off. These formal inspections encourage sub-contractors to inspect their own work prior to offering it up for formal approval. Any work that falls short of the required standard has to be rectified prior to work continuing and is subject to inspection and sign off again by the Site Team. Alongside formal inspections by the Site Team, members of the board will undertake unannounced inspections on site. They will offer an objective view on the project and ensure that quality is thought about every day. These procedures ensure our Supply Chain continues to deliver to the expected quality, offer best value and act in an accountable, responsible manner on our sites.

If you are interested in becoming part of our future Supply Chain please contact us using the Get in Touch page.